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The Secret Tool to Help Any Student Succeed in any Field

Having taught the fine art of communication from a Biblical perspective for over 15 years, Nicole Stratton knows the importance of this incredible tool and how a lack of training in this area results in an unbalanced education and life. Come learn the secrets of becoming an excellent communicator and how this tool will enable your child to excel in any field or vocation in life!

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Taming the Tongue

Taming the tongue- but taming the tongue of the parent. The tongue is a small part of the body but God has a lot to say about it! When used properly, the tongue can heal and nurture those we love most. Listen Now

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Parenting for the Heart (and Speech) of your child

Ginger Hubbard joins Leslie this week to talk about Biblical parenting and how to train your child to think and speak biblically. They will talk about specific steps in taming your child’s tongue and equipping them to be godly and mature in their talk.

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