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Feed Your Child’s Mind, Don’t Just Exercise It

Speaker: Sonya Shafer Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions of school, but the joy has gone out of learning? The problem might be that your curriculum isn’t feeding your student’s mind, it’s just exercising his mind. All exercise and no nourishment would starve anyone’s enthusiasm! In this session discover what food […]

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Fine Arts the Charlotte Mason Way

Women thrive on relationships! But are our relationships glorifying to God or do they draw our hearts away from faithful obedience to the Lord and His Word? In this conference, Megan will encourage women to use their relationships to encourage, edify, and exhort one another. As sisters in Christ, and homeschooling mothers, we have the unique opportunity to build up and strengthen one another. Every homeschooling mom will benefit from giving and receiving encouragement from other women. This conference will challenge women to examine their friendships and to structure Christ-centered, God honoring, faith deepening relationships.

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Flexible Homeschooling

Sonya Shafer with Simply Charlotte Mason discusses the freedom that comes with the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. She discusses the 5 steps of how she plans for her family and how these steps can work with your family too! Listen Now

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Flexible Homeschooling with Planning and a Bit of Technology

We’ll walk through five easy steps for making a plan—from your Big Picture goals down to your daily activities. Then we’ll discuss how to keep that plan flexible with the help of our favorite online planner. Break free from feeling behind, because there’s more to life than the calendar!

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When More is Less: A Call To Simplicity In Your Schedule, Your Home, and Your Children’s Education

Every so often we need to stop and consider, eliminate the clutter, and focus on what’s most important in life.

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Meet Charlotte Mason: An Introduction to Her Methods

Who was Charlotte Mason, and what made her methods of education so applicable to homeschooling families today? Hear about Ms. Mason’s methods and how to implement them in your homeschool.

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