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Ways to focus on others during this upcoming holiday season

The next few months will be filled with excitement for all as there are ample things to celebrate, people to visit with, gifts to give, and love to share. As we prepare to enter this often busy season, let’s all take a few minutes to think of ways we can help our children learn the value of focusing on others during this time of year, rather then on themselves.

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Protecting and Praying for Our Marriages

This month’s content was purposely a little backwards in construction. We talked about ways to nurture our marriages before we even jumped into the big reasons why we should.

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The Importance of Dating and Retreats

Since we had way too much to say for 1 week, I coerced David to sit down with me a little while longer to talk about the importance of dates and retreats as well as some practical ideas for making them a reality.

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