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Education – Does God Have an Opinion

Speaker: Israel Wayne Is Education a neutral subject? Does God have a preference for how He wants children to be educated? What does the Bible teach about schooling? Is there one correct path for education? Are public schools a viable option for Christians? These questions and more will be discussed in this engaging presentation. Listen […]

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To Co-op Or Not to Co-op

Rethink Your Cooperation: To Co-op Or Not to Co-op

What exactly is a co-op? Does your family need a co-op? How do we go about choosing a co-op? This week we will be hearing from Susanne Brown, administrator of Upstate Homeschool Co-op, which happens to be the largest co-op in the country! For all your co-op questions, look no further!

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Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever

Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever by speaker Esther Wilkison Are you ready to influence lasting transformation in your child? Discover these organizational strategies that will help you make this your most organized homeschool year ever! Listen Now

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May will bring lots of excitement your way as the school year wraps up. We’ll start off by talking about giants and how we can overcome those. I’ve recruited David for some of our videos this month too. We’ll be talking about how to be on the same page as your spouse and ideas for how to Teach Them Diligently. Lastly, we’ll finish off the month talking about foster care. You won’t want to miss a week!

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