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What’s Executive Functioning Have to Do with Dyslexia? How to Increase Dyslexic Student Outcomes

Speaker: Rebecca Spencer It’s no secret that when it comes to literacy instruction, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Fluency, and Comprehension all are keys to unlocking the dyslexic brain. But there is another KEY component that we need to be including in our literacy lessons of our dyslexic and struggling learners homeschool lessons if we […]

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Rethinking Dyslexia: The Bigger Picture Using the CherishⒸ Model

Speaker: Sonya Shafer The world of homeschooling is a lot like the world of food. You know that you want to provide nutritious meals for your children’s minds, but there are so many possibilities for what that food could look like and taste like. Join Sonya for a simple overview of five main approaches to […]

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