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The Secret Tool to Help Any Student Succeed in any Field

Having taught the fine art of communication from a Biblical perspective for over 15 years, Nicole Stratton knows the importance of this incredible tool and how a lack of training in this area results in an unbalanced education and life. Come learn the secrets of becoming an excellent communicator and how this tool will enable your child to excel in any field or vocation in life!

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Raising Children of Promise

Speaker: Leslie Nunnery Most of us want to parent our children in such a way as to point them to Jesus, but do we really understand what that looks like? Join Leslie Nunnery as she gives Biblical insight into just what Discipleship-focused parenting actually looks like by examining the principles taught in scripture and giving […]

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Aiming Our Arrows into Adulthood

As homeschooling parents, how can we prepare our children, to be arrows for God’s purposes? How can we prepare our hearts (through prayer and effective communication) to release our children to God? The Dunagan’s homeschooled for 27 years, teaching all seven of their children, all K-12 — all now launched into their adult life, in International Business, Engineering, Global Missions, Christian ministry, Education, and the Arts — with graduations, college success, joyful weddings, and many grandchildren! In this session, you’ll be encouraged, from a solid biblical foundation, for life beyond homeschooling – with next-generation purpose. Let’s aim and release our arrows, for the glory of God.

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Disciplining Our Children Without Breaking Their Spirits

This is a topic I get the most questions about and a topic that so many parents are struggling to find balance with: what is effective, age appropriate punishment? When is talking about it enough? What age is too old or too young for certain discipline? …and the list goes on. Come and join me as we discuss essential principles that we must understand before discipline can be effective. Parents, if we’re not careful, even with the best of intentions, we can absolutely damage our children’s precious spirits. If you have been feeling lately that you are not correcting your children as effectively as you would like, come and listen.You will be so grateful that you attended.

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How to Raise Godly Children in an Ungodly World

In this discussion, Ken Ham will give examples from his upbringing in helping parents understand the importance of training children from a truly Biblical foundation. What does the Bible say (not your opinion) on how to bring up children; how to train them; how to discipline children; and how to educate them? What should the priorities be in education? Come be inspired and equipped with answers as you lead your family in the truth!

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Following Our Father’s Example

God doesn’t just look on what is happening on the outside but he sees our hearts. If God is looking at our heart and desires to change our heart, then that should be our desire in our heart and our children’s heart. By looking at how God captures our hearts, we can learn to capture […]

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