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Rethink Education

Speaker: Leslie Nunnery Now, more than at any other time in history, thousands of families are RETHINKING EDUCATION every day. Many of these families have the same big, scary questions that are holding them back from starting on the journey that lies before them. In this session, we’ll answer of the questions that are truly […]

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Questions Moms Ask– Biggest Lessons, Avoiding Burnout, and Inexpensive Homeschooling

Join 27-year homeschool veteran Renee Lodolce as she addresses the Biggest Lessons She’s Learned through Homeschooling, Avoiding Burnout in Homeschooling, and How To Homeschool Very Inexpensively. You don’t want to miss this week!

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Don’t jump to conclusions: The Importance of Questions in Conversations

Have you noticed how often we jump to conclusions in this day and age? We read a headline and fill in the blanks with whatever we THINK goes there without taking the time to dig deeper to find out what really happened and why. In parenting, we can often do the same thing if we’re not careful. This week, let’s chat about the importance of not jumping to conclusions and how taking the time to have even difficult conversations with our children can prove to be an incredible discipleship time.

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Questions Moms Ask – Homeschooling Multiple Levels

There are so many things to learn about homeschooling, parenting, and managing your household. This week, I’ve asked a couple of TTD favorites, Sonya Shafer and Jessica Hager, to answer some questions about homeschooling multiple ages at once.

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