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Homeschooling with a Purpose

Speaker: Samantha Shank Let’s be honest: we are faced with doubt constantly. Whether it is self-doubt or skepticism from others, we struggle to see if we are doing something that really matters. Is my homeschool truly making a difference? Are my kids REALLY learning? A former homeschool student, Samantha is now a college graduate who […]

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The Power of a Shared Life

Speaker: Mark Hancock Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA and mental health and family counselor, shares two strategies for bringing value to a purposeful life. In an overstimulated, fast-paced, rudderless culture where every interaction seems shallow, he sheds light on how we can meaningfully share our lives, bringing purpose and vibrancy to the deep […]

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From Kindergarten to College

Speaker: Karen DeBeus Once upon a time, I was a scared mom trying out homeschooling for “just one year.” And now we have completed the journey with our firstborn off to college! The homeschooling life can be overwhelming, intimidating, and even daunting at times. But with God leading you in this calling, you will complete […]

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