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Learn to Read – Read to Learn: Why Comprehension Must Be Developed at Every Age

How can you help your child become a life-long reader? For young students to learn to read, combine a systematic approach to letter and sound relationships, word families, and spelling patterns with practicing and applying reading strategies. This emphasis on comprehension also encourages students to read to learn at an early age. As mastery increases, reading-strategy lessons help students to comprehend, recall, and analyze information in fiction, nonfiction, and content textbooks. Come learn how to foster a confident, fluent, discerning reader that can tackle the difficult, reading-heavy subjects of middle and high school.

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How to Juggle Homeschooling with Littles in the House

Tools for how to homeschool successfully with little ones in the home. Organization and encouraging tips for your littles to keep them engaged while you teach the older children. Listen Now

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Learning Through Play

Play is an important brain-building activity. Children, teens and adults all benefit from participating in play as it is an essential part of life and development. In this session, we will explore ways to incorporate play into your homeschool to unlock the power of this valuable learning tool. Come join us for a fun and engaging workshop!

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Constitutional Principles in the Family

Homeschooling begins at birth! In fact, the most important homeschool years are from birth to five. Come learn how easy it is to teach your babies, toddlers and preschoolers. These critical, early years prepare children to become excellent learners.

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Following the Lead of Your Young Child

One+One+One=One Blogger Montessori based education for your little ones. Learning how to connect with your younger children and follow their lead in their education. Listen Now

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