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The United Nations and Globalist Agendas, Public Schools, and how it affects YOU

Government Schools Are Rapidly Leading America into Globalism. This will affect the freedoms of ALL Americans, whether or not they have children in the public schools.
Do you ever wonder how the United States, a country firmly established upon principles of national sovereignty and personal freedom, has spiraled so quickly toward socialism and globalism in the last few decades? We are now, in fact, on a fast track to joining the rest of the world in total global governance. This will end our national sovereignty and personal freedoms.
Using a series of visuals, this workshop will irrefutably prove how this will happen if the vast majority of Americans remain ignorant of it (as they now are). Those not in the system are the most likely to grasp the full meaning of this threat, and the very simple and rational solution that will prevent it from happening.

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