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What’s Your Homeschool Personality?

Speaker: Todd Wilson Frustrated by the fact that what works for your homeschooling friends doesn’t seem to work for you or what works for one of your children doesn’t work for all your children? For the first time ever discover the FOUR homeschool Personality Types. You’ll discover if you’re a Falcon, Owl, Swan, or Sand […]

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Homeschooling With Insight

Speaker: Jennifer Pepito In this workshop we will discover how taking the time to identify your own personality style and that of your children can make your homeschool rhythm more simple, effective, and peaceful. Many homeschool days are disrupted when we assume that our children will relate to the world in the same way that […]

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The Highly Sensitive Homeshool Family

Speaker: Heather Underhill Those with a Highly Sensitive Personality trait view the world through different lenses. In a homeschooling family with one or more highly sensitive people, extra doses of grace and love must be extended daily. In this workshop, my teenage son, Noah and I will give you an overview of what it means […]

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Teaching the Child You Have

Speaker: Rebecca Spooner We all walk into homeschooling with some sort of preconceived notions, and for most of us… we are in for a rude awakening. Our first year we buy books based on what we like and we plan our days based on our schedules, without taking into account the complete curveball that is […]

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