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Step Back and Relax

Speaker: Peggy Alier Stressed out trying to balance schooling, extra-curriculars, home life, church, and a zillion other things? Take a break and learn some tips and techniques to help de-stress, prioritize, and get better sleep. Listen Now

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To Test or Not to Test?

Speaker: Peggy Alier When should you start to grade assignments and projects? Is a report card necessary? Should my kids use their books and notes to take tests? How do I decide what grade to give? What other assessments can I use? Let’s discuss these and other questions you may have about tests and grading. […]

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How to Adapt Materials for Struggling Learners

Kids can get frustrated when they are struggling. The biggest key is to not get frustrated yourself! This session will give key helps and tips to assist your struggling learner achieve great success! Listen Now

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