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Homeschooling in Difficult Situations

Speaker: Israel Wayne Israel Wayne shares about his family’s journey of homeschooling when four of their eleven children were diagnosed with Lyme Disease in one year. One of their children lost the use of her limbs and was unable to walk for ten months. Israel discusses what homeschooling looks like in times of family crisis.

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Q and A With Homeschool Graduates– Real Kids of 365

Leslie sat down with Camden, Payton, and Lizzie Gray to ask them YOUR questions about growing up homeschooled and how that prepared them for college. Find out what they REALLY thought about homeschooling, how they learned to LEARN, how they felt that prepared them for college and more in this candid conversation. Recommended Audio Giving […]

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Practical Conversations in a Smartphone World

If your parents didn’t teach you the facts of life, do you feel prepared to guide your kids in our overtly sexualized world? Today, kids are exposed early to pornography (think 8 to 11 years old). This session will arm you with tools and conversation starters that will help you empower your kids to not only look away from sexualized media, but also to confront our sex-obsessed culture. Trained kids make smarter decisions online.

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Has the Bible Become Irrelevant to Your Teen?

Most homeschool and Christian school educated teens can answer most any question you ask them about the Bible. However, the greatest Book ever written doesn’t seem relevant to their world. Teen Prasso was written to address real-life issues that teens face. It was written to help them take ownership of God’s truth for themselves–not just because it’s what Dad and Mom believe. Let me introduce you to a fresh, Biblically-based approach to reaching your teen’s heart.

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Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity

In a time when over 90% of boys have been exposed to pornography before they leave home, how can we teach them to keep their way pure? How can we help them walk in innocence when temptation lurks on a friend’s phone and beckons just a click away? Hal and Melanie offer frank and practical advice for teaching sons from toddlers to adulthood about God’s gift and Satan’s traps in the realm of sexuality. (Material is appropriate for ages 12 and up – parent discretion suggested!)

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