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Courage and Patriotism: Stories of America’s Beginnings

Stories teach with power and touch the souls of young and old alike. Through stories, heroes come to life as vibrant mentors to us and our children, living in a world of collapsing values.

This presentation, centered on the Revolutionary War, allows our early heroes to teach sacrifice, selflessness and tenacity: Why did soldiers defy enemy bullets and bayonets to fight for their rights? What makes a general great? Who are we today because of the sacrifices of men, women and children who pushed through fear to forge independence?

America is noble because of those who gave her birth: George Washington, the Great Man without whom America might never have been; Nathaniel Greene and Henry Knox, Washington’s genius-generals; The Maryland 400— Washington’s Immortals—who gave all to save their brother soldiers; the secret intelligence organization that allowed Washington to win the Revolutionary War at the risk of their lives—these and many other stories help children reverence the people

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God Blessed America: Our Christian Roots

America is a nation based on the Law of Moses, given by God to His prophet at the foot of Mt. Sinai thousands of years ago. As a faithful Christian nation following those ancient principles, America has been wise, good and prosperous. To remain such, we must reinforce and restore our Christian principles. Our colonial pastors and Founders openly taught Christianity, extolling the benefits of freedom that would result from living by God’s Word.

Humanism, the sworn enemy of liberty and Christianity, seeks to destroy our national Judeo-Christian heritage. We must understand and defend ourselves from this desolating plague; but how? Join us to learn Christianity’s essential contributions in the home and nation that preserve America’s greatness.

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