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Homeschool Styles

In March, we will turn our attention to different styles of homeschooling. Not every style works for every family, but there are many to explore. We’ll look at those different options and even chat with some experts. You don’t want to miss a week!

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Learning Is Fun

In February, we’ll take a look at how fun learning can be – no reason to fall into a rut with Valentine’s Day in sight! I also want to talk about the importance of discernment. We live in a fallen world filled with lies, but the good news is: we have the truth. We’ll also be joined by a special guest from HSLDA to discuss how we homeschool legally. Lastly, we are going to talk about co-ops. Do you need them or do you not? There are many good options out there– let’s talk about that! Make sure to join us in February!

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