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Learning Like da Vinci and Jefferson: Notebooking 101

Educational pioneer, Charlotte Mason, championed the idea of “notebooking.” But, this wonderful extension of learning can be dated back long before Miss Mason gave it a name. For centuries, the greats catalogued what they learned in notebooks, rehearsing their daily discoveries in a natural way–with pen, paper, and imagination. Find out how to inspire learning through a simple notebook, see samples of several types of notebooks, and learn how to use them effectively in order to draw your children into learning with purpose.

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Finding Fun and Unique Ways to Teach Your Children

When we think of educating our children, we often think of our children sitting at desks or the kitchen table using textbooks and workbooks. While this kind of teaching/learning is enjoyable to some students, most students (and parents!) enjoy breaking out of the more traditional classroom setting in exchange for ideas and activities that are more fun! It is possible to incorporate alternative kinds of teaching and learning into your homeschool, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! There are ways to use hands-on activities, dance, poetry, drama, experiments, fun literature-related activities, music, travel, and more to spice up your homeschool! If you’re in a homeschool rut or if you’re just not sure how to add a little fun and adventure to your homeschool, we would love to share some ideas and information with you! Your children will thank you (Ok…it may be years from now! But they will!) and your family may discover a new love for learning this school year!

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Notebooking – Creativity with a Purpose

“Tell me, and I will forget; show me, and I may remember; involve me, and I will understand.” When children create something from their learning, they will remember what they learned far longer than if they completed a worksheet page about it. This workshop explains why and how to give kids an easy, effective approach that replaces workbooks, enhances learning and retention of the subject, and develops a true love for learning. Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and actual demonstrations for replacing workbook assignments with creative ideas for science, history, geography, literature, and more. Examples and visual aids make the information easy to understand and implement in your homeschool.

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