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Creating Joyful Learner through the Power of Play

Register for our session on “Creating Joyful Learner through the Power of Play” to see and learn strategies that make the learning experience fun, while improving retention and recall in the minds of our students.
Play is an important part of children’s learning and development. Active learning strategies make learning fun, while increasing engagement and student performance.
In a recent study, researchers found that cognitive word games can improve lexical memory access and decision-making processes.
Recent studies have found that cognitive games are a good strategy for effectively improving students’ performance by keeping them engaged (Annetta, Minogue, Holmes, & Cheng, 2009; Kim, Park, & Baek, 2009). When students build a strong academic vocabulary early in life, their chances for success will be significantly higher later in life.
Gamification is a new concept that promotes the use of games to enhance student engagement, memory, and improve the learning experience (Annetta,2010)

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