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The Moldable Brain: Using Neuroplasticity to Reach Full Potential

Speaker: Danni Gugel Did you know that the brain is able to change and rewire to overcome learning challenges? Come learn about your child’s amazing, malleable brain and how to harness this ability to help them learn and grow to their full potential. In this Parent Workshop, you will: ~Understand neuroplasticity as the foundation for […]

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Pieces of the Puzzle – Neuroplasticity

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach is like no other approach to human development. It is unique in its way of looking at the whole individual, not the separate pieces. Taking the individual pieces and understanding how they interrelate, helps you look at the entire individual, will greatly enhance what you do with your child. We will discuss neuroplasticity and how the amazing central nervous system God created works. From the moment of birth brain cells die. Every second, every minute, every day brain cells die. Although brain cells continue to die, the brain increases in size. The increase in size and weight of a maturing child’s brain is a reflection of the growth of the connections between the brain cells. The brain grows connections through stimulation – specific stimulation. Whether your child is typically developing, brain injured, has a genetic concern or learning challenges this information will greatly help your children and thus enhance your homeschool experience.

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