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Easy Ways to Integrate the Power of Story Songs

Speaker: Marlene Dickinson Jesus taught using stories/Parables. The Creator knows well the power of story and music to transform us. Learning truth through story songs creates meaningful memories for Students. We will explore tips for finding and integrating easy, memorable songs designed to lock in Biblical principles for a lifetime. Listen Now

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Make a Joyful Noise Unto the LORD

Speaker: Wendy Shaw How making music turned into an impactful family ministry! Sharing with you our struggles, mishaps, successes and biggest surprises as a touring family band in the music industry. I hope you will be inspired to ask God to do big things in your lives and exercise your faith muscle as you hear […]

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The Pied Piper: How media is leading our children astray and what you can do about it

Speaker: Heather Bitterling This session will look at the impact that film, literature, and music can have on our children. With 30 years experience in the field, Craig and Heather will give an insider’s view into the goals of the industry and how they package information in a way that can change our perspective little […]

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Sing Your Way Through Your Day!

Speaker: Jean Thomason Music is God’s “MAGIC”. What does the Bible, history, and today’s research say about using music to teach little ones? How can this help empower us to teach/train babies, toddlers, and preschoolers? How can music CHANGE the attitude and atmosphere in your home/church and impart biblical Truth? Listen Now

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The 6 Simple Steps to Ending Music Practice Gripes

Discover how to get more practice out of less time, without begging and bribing your child. Routines are always easier with hard skills such as math or English, one may believe. When the Gospel is injected into a homeschooling sessions, one discovers inspiration to learn and inclusion of one’s children intrinsically follows. Learn how infectious joy can become be the creative spark for violin or other fretless instruments… to be practiced well and without complaint. Get encouraging takeaways and get ready to immediately apply at home!

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Teach Your Child Music while Building Their Reading and Math Skills

This class will demonstrate practical hands-on methods for teaching music to your child, no matter what your musical ability is. The class will also show how music builds your child in 5 key areas, including cognitive, social, emotional, physical and musical.

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