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Real Moms 365 With Leslie & her Mom, Pat

It’s almost time for Christmas!! Maybe you meet that thought with worries or anxiety. Maybe you are already ready! WHichever group you find yourself in we have invited Leslie’s Mom, Pat to come on Real Moms to talk about Christmas. She will share how she prepares not just physically, but also prepares her children’s hearts, […]

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Real Moms 365 With Melissa Romero

College. It’s a scary word for us as we watch our kids get older. Will they be ready to tackle college? Have we taught them enough? And also, how do you even begin to pick out and apply to colleges. Come learn all this and more from someone who recently rocked this season of life […]

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Real Moms 365 With Tricia Goyer

As a homeschool mom we have many things to do; planning, teaching, and the grading too. Besides that our children are home for three meals and a million snacks. Then there is the laundry, cleaning, yardwork… how is a mom to get it all done?! Some homeschool moms even have a job (in or out) […]

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