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Compelling Case for Homeschooling

Are you curious about home education, but not sure if you’re ready to make the commitment? Do you have a friend or family member saying you’re crazy if you homeschool? Join HSLDA Staff Attorney and homeschooling father of seven, Mike Donnelly, and see why homeschooling may be the right choice for you. Mike will help you understand the basics, show how homeschooled students often outshine their public-school peers, and shed light on the myths surrounding homeschooling.

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Go Home and Love Your Family!

Someone asked Mother Theresa what society could do to promote world peace, and she responded: “Go home and love your family!” Parents who homeschool their children produce outstanding citizens, leaders and future parents. Isn’t this the essence of laying a foundation for world peace? HSLDA attorney and homeschooling father of seven, Michael Donnelly, shares why loving your family through homeschooling really does promote world peace, but more importantly, allows parents to fulfill their most fundamental and sacred duty.

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