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Real Moms 365 With Melissa Romero

College. It’s a scary word for us as we watch our kids get older. Will they be ready to tackle college? Have we taught them enough? And also, how do you even begin to pick out and apply to colleges. Come learn all this and more from someone who recently rocked this season of life […]

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Get More Out of Your Google Calendar — Melissa Romero

There are so many things that Google Calendar can do for you. Are you using this FREE product to its fullest? We will talk about how to use Google Calendar as a FREE digital homeschool planner and family scheduler. Move past the basics and learn how to set your defaults, get a daily agenda emailed […]

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Taking Care of Elderly Family — Real Moms 365 With Melissa Romero

As we arrive in the “sandwich generation” we may find ourselves caring for elderly parents or grandparents all while we are still homeschooling our own children. Melissa has been living this season of life for several years now as she takes care of her grandparents. Adding this already stressful task is the fact that her […]

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How to Find the Library Books and Keep Your Sanity

Speaker: Melissa Romero We all deal with a lot of Chaos. Homeschooling adds clutter, having children home all day creates dishes and makes more food prep. Laundry, cleaning, and finding missing library books keeps us busy. Add all the extras, ballet, piano, 4-h, sports, drama, coops – our lives can be so full. We wonder […]

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Starting Out the Year Ahead

Speaker: Melissa Romero Planning your year in advance does not have to be a daunting task. Melissa will walk you through the step by step process of planning your whole homeschool year before it begins. She will share tips based on your personality type and give you ideas for establishing routines. You will be inspired […]

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