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Staying One Step Ahead of Your Hungry Family with “Time Blocks”

They say that the kitchen is the heart of home and that is certainly true in our home. I think that planning “time blocks” in the kitchen is one of the most important keys to keeping my home running smoothly, keeping “one step ahead” of myself, and not feeling like I’m drowning as I keep up with the never ending food needs of my 4 boys. We’ll talk about the importance of planning ahead, how to keep up with your plan, stay ahead of your hungry family, and setting up time blocks and delegating tasks too! Join me!

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Dinner Redefined by a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Helpful (and somewhat minimalistic) strategies for managing your time, energy, and sanity in the kitchen. We will dig deep into the daily challenges of cooking for your growing family, and learn how the “less is more” approach can lead to a more satisfying experience in meal prep and enjoying dinner around the table as a family.

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Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Join Nutrition 101: Choose Life! co-author Karen Hopkins as she shares about the newly updated, award-winning family nutrition and health curriculum, and discusses how nutrition can play a vital part of your child’s educational success. Success in the classroom starts with nutrition in the kitchen!

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Freezer Cooking with the Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, Multi-Cooker and More!

Let dinner cook itself! A “Start to Finish” look at how freezer meals work, best methods for prep and how to cook them in your favorite countertop appliances.

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Menu Planning for the Homeschool Mom

Getting dinner on the table for the homeschool mom. Being with your children all day and the many other aspects of being a homeschool mom make putting dinner on the table difficult. These session brings many tips and helps to assist in a stress-free dinner time. Listen Now

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