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Getting Back to the Heart of the Matter

Oftentimes we set our priorities on those things that call out the loudest. Whether it is work, educational needs or the home, we miss what matters the most. We will talk about how to blow away the fluff to get down to what’s really important! Join Lori as she shares how to get back to the Heart of the Matter.

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Discovering the Artist Within

Don’t feel like you’re creative, or perhaps you have let your creativity lie dormant? We were all created in God’s image, which means each of us has creativity that needs to be nurtured and developed in order for us, and our children, to be whole hearted individuals. In this session, Lori will not only remind you of that creativity but also give you practical ways grow that creativity within your own life and the life of your family.

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Beginning with the End in Mind

Confusion, discouragement and depression seem to be a way of life for many mothers. Life seems overwhelming and complicated, a maze of decisions and opportunities. Often discouragement comes from feeling lost along the journey of life. By beginning with what God considers to be the two most important priorities and planning our lives with that end in mind, life becomes less complicated and our paths become more clear. Learn how to simplify your decisions and your lives by God’s guiding priorities.

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