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The Untapped Power of Life Skills + Storytelling to Create Confident, Capable, and Connected Families

Speaker Cheyenne Lynnae I believe that Family connection is the corner stone of prosperous, innovative, and successful societies. Unfortunately, family members are becoming increasingly disconnected from each other, and our nation is seeing the consequences.Many are searching for the solution, but few realize the answer lies in our own homes. How do we build the […]

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Get Real: Designing a Road Map

Speaker: Beth MartinWhat do you want to be when you grow up? It is a question we ask our children starting from a very young age. But what happens when that questions becomes a reality? Post high school decisions can be overwhelming with the many options available. In this session, Beth will address how to […]

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Dinner Redefined by a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Helpful (and somewhat minimalistic) strategies for managing your time, energy, and sanity in the kitchen. We will dig deep into the daily challenges of cooking for your growing family, and learn how the “less is more” approach can lead to a more satisfying experience in meal prep and enjoying dinner around the table as a family.

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Gap Year with a Purpose

A popular trend recently has been to take a year off after high school, calling it a “gap year.” Many students see this as an opportunity to take a break and relax. However, there are also many students who take this year to set a foundation for the rest of their lives. This session will discuss the importance of that foundation and how a student can effectively take a Gap Year with a Purpose.

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Life Schooling: No Education is Complete Without It

In today’s modern world and push toward higher academics, we see a generation that lacks necessary life skills, such as simple budgeting, basic household maintenance, emergency preparedness, etiquette, and more. How can a parent prepare their children, teens, and young adults for the world without knocking themselves out ensuring it’s covered? With it’s growing and comprehensive library, Skill Trek is your solution. Learn how to integrate life skills into your day, with practical hands-on applications and a customizable curriculum designed to meet each student where they are.

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Raising an Independent Learner

Do you want a lifelong learner who initiates studies on his own? Then let go of the wheel, and start giving your kids responsibility for their education. Deb Bell shares practical, inexpensive steps that will encourage children to pursue their own learning and help prevent parent burnout.

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