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When There Are Challenges

Whether your child has a special needs label, a learning disability concern or they are just not learning like they should, this is the session for you. We will give insight and understanding into why they are struggling and what to do to turn those struggles around. Your child’s potential is dependent upon opportunities given to them. We will help you learn how to give your children greater opportunities, so they can succeed. You will be given specifics for how to implement those greater opportunities in daily life. Learn how activities lasting a mere 2-5 minutes could make a dramatic difference for your child’s future. Help your child overcome to reach their fullest, God given potential.

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Does My Child Have a Learning Disability

What is meant by learning disability? How do I know if my child has a learning disability? How does a learning disability effect reading? This session will look closely at dyslexia in how they relate to other cognitive abilities. Listen Now

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Does my Child Have a Learning Disability

When a homeschooled child seems to flounder for no easily identified reason, parents often exhaust themselves in their search for answers. At some point a parent may wonder if there might be a learning disability at the root of their child’s struggle. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to help parents sort out the difference between routine struggles and those that could well be a learning disability.

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