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Latin Might Make You a Genius

It is easy to understand how good nutrition will make you healthier and exercise will make you stronger, but are there subjects that can make you smarter? In this workshop we’ll talk about how (and why) one really old language can change everything for those who dare to master it.

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Breathing Life into Language Arts

Join the Benhams as they share their story about standing up for Jesus whatever the cost. This session will dive into the details of their HGTV reality show and the national media firestorm that erupted when they were fired for their Biblical values.

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Latin: The Heart of a Classical Education

: Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, & where it all went afterward?! Many Christians can’t. Understanding the flood (the purpose, causes, aftermath and evidence) is very important to an understanding of a biblically sound creation model. This session covers the basics of this event, and also includes a video & PowerPoint presentation of the ???Hydroplate Theory??? – a biblically accurate and scientifically feasible portrayal of the flood event.

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