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Fearless: Being Dauntless at the Hands of Science (A Primer for the Non-Science Inclined)

Come explore and experience the joy of science. Cast all your fears away. Be encouraged that you can teach your eager learner at home the fun of hands-on science. Science offers an opportunity for your child to explore, wonder, learn about our awesome God and the order he has placed in our world.

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Organization for a Peaceful Home

Homeschooling, homemaking, and juggling all of life’s other events can be quite an overwhelming task. Come learn some practical ways to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your home while accomplishing all that God has called you to. Paperless organization and apps will be widely discussed.

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Loving, Learning, and Laughing

Practical Classical: Preparing Preschoolers, High Schoolers, and Everyone In-Between

Classical Education is completely do-able, even if you are educating a broad spectrum of ages. Classical homeschooler and mother of eight, Kendra Fletcher shares tips and insight into educating high schoolers, middle schoolers, elementary students, and preschoolers all in the same classical homeschool.

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