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Kathie Morrissey 3 Things I Learned From 31 Years of Homeschooing

Kathie Morrissey There are SO many things that we learn, when we begin to home school our kids. It’s not just the KIDS that learn! God had lessons that He wanted ME to learn over my 31 year homeschooling journey. Today I want to share with you the three most important lessons that I learned […]

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Training Character Into Your Children

Character is the most important fruit that parents can nurture in their children, and is the foundation for academic learning. Discover how character is learned and how to establish a plan for teaching it to your children. Kathie will give several creative ways you can encourage your children to develop in this important area. After […]

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Frustrated and Stressed (and Maybe a Little Angry)

Are you a frustrated homeschooling parent? Many homeschooling parents struggle with stress, anger, and discouragement. Kathie discusses several causes of frustration, and then tells how to deal with them. She also stresses the importance of dealing with anger, and having the right spirit in dealing with our children, so as to keep the relationship strong.

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