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News Content in the Homeschooling Environment

Does consistent exposure to news content improve the homeschooling environment? Do homeschoolers need regular media access? Today’s world inundates us with information on a daily basis. Social media, television, radio, and podcasts bombard the mind with as many as a thousand unique messages per day. How do we filter these messages, analyze their content, and evaluate their significance?

At each developmental stage, a student’s brain processes information in new ways, creating contexts that guide current and future decision-making. These critical cognitive abilities are vital to your homeschooler’s personal and professional success. This session demonstrates the value of strategic media access at each age level of the homeschooling experience. Jonathan will offer tools for the integration of news content into the daily homeschooling experience that will increase the student’s critical and communicative abilities and facilitate opportunities for influence.

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Successful Homeschool Entrepreneurship

We want our children to be leaders, but what does that mean? How will they lead? How should they lead? How do leadership principles square with the Gospel and the clarion call in Scripture to love and serve our neighbors? Training your children to have a servant’s heart is foundational to teaching them to become leaders. As service becomes part of your children’s lives, teaching leadership principles and skills is the next step. Join Zan Tyler to learn to teach your children these principles.

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