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How Can We Plant Godly Convictions in Our Children?

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke Using Proverbs 23 as a paradigm, this address provides parents with practical instructions on how to plant six major life-shaping convictions in your children with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. When taken together, these convictions will provide a framework for genuine Christian living in your children that will stand them […]

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The Christian Parent-Teacher as Office-Bearer

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke In this address, this critical topic will be introduced by stressing the importance of a teacher-valued, Christ-centered, and Reformation-grounded approach to teaching. Using the biblical paradigm of parents teaching and training the children God has loaned to them through bearing Christ’s prophetic, priestly, and kingly office as teachers, this address will […]

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How to Conduct Effective Family Worship

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke According to Scripture, God should be served in special acts of worship in families today in the following three ways: daily instruction in the Word of God, daily prayer to the throne of God, and daily singing of Listen Now

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How to Bring Children to Christ

Speaker: Joel Beeke Based on Mark 10:13-16 where Jesus embraces young children brought to Him, this address first asks: are we perhaps hindering our children from coming to Jesus? It then looks at ways we can hinder them. Second, it examines our duty to bring our children to Christ, and how we are to do […]

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Ten Commandments for Enriching Marriage

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke This address provides ten ways formed into “commandments” to enrich our marriages with each other both spiritually and practically. Each of these enriching commandments are reinforced with biblical and practical teaching that explains how to implement them so that we might conscientiously glorify God more in our marriage. Listen Now

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God’s Recipe for a Truly Happy Marriage

Speaker: Dr. Joel Beeke Based on Proverbs 3:5-6, this address looks at four major ingredients that work together in a biblical “recipe” for a truly happy and blessed marriages — lots of practical wisdom is provided as flowing out of this rich text. Listen Now

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