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Living in a Media World

When you sit in the same room as a family how long does it take till someone is on phone or computer? Today it is no doubt that there are so many things beckoning for our attention. What effects does this have on our children or grandchildren? Media dictates not only how we dress, our music, and what we want to do in life, but now the media world determines your social life, your privacy, addictions, how you learn, communicate, and shop. In fact, to some degree it controls the actual time in your life! We are no longer fighting a materialistic world, we are fighting a medialistic world. The first step is to acknowledge the problem. By acknowledging the problem we can then see how it is effecting our own lives individually and also our family. In our culture today we have to face the media. Please join us to discuss some of the impact media is having on the generations and propose some ways to approach this together as a family.

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