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Round Rock, TX Audio Collection

Knighthood Starts at Home!

Speaker: J. Aaron Gruben Start your family’s rediscovery of the incredible lost art of Chivalry. Discover how intentional teaching of the code of Chivalry can help transform your children into stronger Christians and more reliable adults. So much more than a set of rules for polite behavior, Christian chivalry was invented to teach manly endurance […]

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Teaching the Ten Commandments of Chivalry

Speaker: J. Aaron Gruben A lost art today, Christian chivalry was invented to teach sacrificial love. Examine the historical roots of chivalry, learn about Leon Gautier’s “10 commandments,” explore ways they still apply today, and discover practical ways to teach them to homeschool students. Listen Now

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Do You REALLY Want To Be a Veterinarian?

Speaker: J. Aaron Gruben Many families have a child who wants to be a veterinarian, but few are aware of the difficulties plaguing the field today. This workshop by a homeschooled practicing veterinarian will examine some of the difficulties you will face in vet school and after you get out. We’ll also look at some […]

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