Imran and Tami Razvi

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Conquering Sibling Rivalry

So your kids fight. I know you think you’re the only one, but trust me when I tell you every single parent goes through this. It’s impossible to put two people in the same place without friction, but that doesn’t mean we must give in to the world’s combative view on siblings. God has a beautiful plan for this treasured relationship and fostering it isn’t quite as difficult as you think. Join Kim as she shares practical strategies you can implement today and life-changing truths that will impact your family for years to come.

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Understanding the Emotional Needs of Adopted Children

Adopted children have higher emotional needs than children entering a family by birth. It is important that adoptive families, and those having contact with adopted children understand this. We will share with you how to recognize those emotional needs and give practical ways to meet them as you minister God’s love into the life of an adopted child.

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Homeschooling an Adopted Child

Tips and insight on how to homeschool adopted children. Hear personal testimony of how you can successfully homeschool despite challenges and obstacles that come with adopting children. Listen Now

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