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Laying the Foundations for Reading

Laying the Foundations for Reading – Early Childhood Reading Games and Activities

Literacy is the foundation of all education. By providing preschool children with language learning opportunities that prepare them for reading, we can smooth their transition into the printed word. This workshop presents language learning games and ideas on teaching phonograms to young students, as well as the latest literacy research on early childhood and reading. Each participant is provided a handout with ideas they can use with their children at home.

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Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream – Teaching Reading and Spelling to Kids Who Can’’t Sit Still

Learn how to engage your active learners through movement. Denise Eide will share her experiences teaching and parenting active children. She will also reveal the natural kinesthetic components to reading and spelling and teach parents how to tap into those to enhance learning for all students. Though this workshop will focus on reading and spelling, the concepts are easily applied to other subjects. Each participant will receive a handout of games and ideas that can be used on Monday!

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