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Top Five Myths about Homeschooling Math

New to homeschooling? Why does homeschooling work? Learn how to create your own road map for a successful home school journey. You will gain helpful advice, discover various methods of teaching and learn about local support networks available in Middle Tennessee.

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Beauty and Reason for Mathematics

Most people are not neutral in their feelings towards mathematics.  Either they like it, or they hate it. Join us to see how all of math from arithmetic to calculus can be summarized in three simple charts.   You will walk away being able to see the big picture of mathematics with the perspective that math was created by God, revealing another piece of His picture.

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Teaching Mathematics

Did you know that mathematics has parts of speech and sentence structure, just as does any spoken language? Did you know that understanding the “grammar” of mathematics greatly helps student understanding of problem-solving and applications? In this workshop, Tom clearly and humorously demonstrates this quality of mathematical language. At last, you will truly understand the roles of all types of mathematical symbols, and you will see how easy it is to translate between mathematics and English, enabling you to improve your understanding and teaching of “story problems” at all levels.

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Top Ten Myths About Homeschooling Math

Most homeschooling parents feel uneasy when planning math courses for their children. “We learned our math a long time ago,” or “we learned it a different way,” or maybe “we didn’t learn it at all.” How can we know if the methods we are using will achieve the desired results in our students? In this workshop, Tom will expose ten common myths about teaching math and then counter those myths with solid, practical help for parents. You will also leave with a checklist of items which can be used to determine the best math course for your students.

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Homeschooling Math Without A Plan? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Designed to help parent educators, including new homeschooling parents, understand the scope and sequence, and the logic of mathematics instruction, from pre-school through adult. Join Tom Clark as he takes you on a sometimes humorous journey, describing all levels of arithmetic and mathematics courses encountered in high school and college. Attention will be given to the WHY of the study of mathematics, with an emphasis on concept development, instead of rote memorization.

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