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Dealing with ADHD

National Center for Biblical Parenting helps churches train to be able to equip parents. Helping parents use a heart based approach to reach your child. Using the principles of sanctification to help a child move from Point A to Point B- moving a child from where he is to where the parent and God wants […]

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Learning In Spite of Labels

Labels such as ADD, ADHD, and more has lead to difficulties in learning. This wonderful session will address that true learning can happen in spite of your child having a specific hindrance. This session will encourage your heart that learning can happen. Listen Now

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Taking Control of ADHD, ADD, LD, ODD, Asperger’s, Autism & Other Common Conditions

How do you know your child has these symptoms?  Dr. Paul Cates and Dr. Kirk Cates of Faith Christian Ministries will discuss the importance of knowing what is going on and then knowing what to do. During the workshop, they will provide information on how you can homeschool a child with one of more of these symptoms.  In addition, they will discuss that many problems are more complex than your diagnosis might suggest. 

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