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Making Writing Fun in Your Homeschool | 244

Learn strategies to make writing fun and engaging for homeschooling families in this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Join host Leslie Nunnery and Christine Zell, the creator of Rabbit Trails Homeschool, as they discuss building confidence in young writers, fostering creativity, and the role of literature in teaching writing. Discover practical tips to help your children overcome writing challenges and develop their writing skills.

Don’t miss this episode to gain valuable insights into nurturing young writers and making the writing process enjoyable. Explore how to tailor writing assignments to individual interests and needs while removing the fear of writing. Connect with Christine Zell and access her writing resources to support your homeschooling journey.

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Homeschool Basic Training Everyone Should Go Through | 188

Many find that the act of doing school is actually hurting their relationships with their children while also not instilling a love of learning that we know will take them far in the days ahead. On this episode, David and Leslie will talk about what often hinders that love of learning and how we can overcome it in a way that will actually strengthen the relationships you care most about.

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The Importance of Heart Schooling | 184

We talk a lot about Heart Schooling—or discipleship-focused homeschooling. So, this week, David and I are going to look specifically at what Heart Schooling really entails and give you some ideas to start putting some of these concepts into action right now.

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Discipling the Heart of Your Child Towards Jesus — Terrie McKee

God gave parents a commandment, to teach their children about Him. Homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to do just that. In this session, Terrie McKee of Homeschooling One Child will share how she disciples her daughter in the Christian faith through homeschooling, conversations, and prayer. You can disciple the heart of your child towards Jesus–and […]

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Daily Discipleship Simplified: Fun & Easy Ideas for Incorporating Faith-Building into Your Homeschool Routine — Katie J Trent

Discipleship can feel daunting at times. But you don’t have to be a theologian to teach your kids how to build their faith. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to naturally incorporate faith into your homeschool routine. Katie shares practical ideas and tips for disciplining your kids at any age and stage of your journey.

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Get Real — Todd Wilson

Are you convinced that every homeschooling family except yours is great? Do you believe the lie that others are more organized, better prepared, have smarter kids, are wiser parents, and have a child in the national spelling bee? Well, let me set the record straight…that’s not the way it is! The truth is most moms […]

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Homeschooling – So Much More than Merely School at Home! — Christian Horstmann

Homeschooling is much more mainstream today than it was a just a decade or two ago, but it’s so important for us to remember that it’s a whole lot more than merely doing school at home! In this presentation, a homeschool graduate shares his perspective on some of the best blessings of homeschooling. These blessings […]

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From Overstimulated to Peace-filled — Mickey Richards

You’re overwhelmed. Your mind is being pulled in a million directions. Your head is aching. And you just want it to stop. Why is this so hard??? If this is how you feel, this session is going to help you explore how to take captive the thoughts that are driving you to the brink of […]

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