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Round Rock, TX Audio Collection

The Sufficiency of Christ for Every Season of Mothering

Speaker: Ruth Adams Mothering is a series of ever changing seasons we walk through with our children, and it often seems that one season rolls into a new one much more quickly than we expected. In her talk “The Sufficiency of Christ for Every Season of Mothering” Ruth Adams shares what she is learning about […]

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Nope, You Can’t Do Everything

It’s a common struggle for moms in general, but homeschool moms seem to really be hit with a sense guilt over what we do and don’t do. Are we really called to be involved in EVERY good opportunity we are presented? Let’s talk about that!

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I Don’t Have Enough Patience!

Many moms feel like they don’t have enough patience to home educate their children. What do you do when your worst fears are confirmed and you find out you don’t have enough patience to continue homeschooling? Come learn about what patience is, what it isn’t, where it comes from, and how to grow and thrive in the pressure cooker of mothering.

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Homeschool So You’re NotConsumed

Speaker: Kim Sorgius We have read all the books. We study and prepare to be the best parent. We have the plan and we know exactly what to do, until our first child is born. This session takes the things that we thought we knew and changes it into something that we can use to […]

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How To Homeschool With Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus

This session provides a very practical look at how homeschooling can be a great blessing for your family– and how you as a homeschool mom can truly grow through the process. We’ll get an overview of home education from the start of your journey to the finish line, so you’ll feel better prepared for every step of the way. This time will be followed by a time of questions from the audience.

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The Highly Sensitive Homeschool Mom

Do you make it a priority to arrange your life to avoid overwhelming situations? Do you get rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? Do your children’s moods deeply affect you? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions you may be a highly sensitive person or HSP. Understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses as an HSP can help your homeschool world become more peaceful and manageable. In this seminar, I will explain what it is like to be a highly sensitive homeschooling mom and how God can help you to faithfully teach your children even on the toughest days.

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Becoming MomStrong

Today’s mothers are living in challenging times. We’re facing things that our mothers could never have imagined. Our lives are vastly different than the generation before us. Many moms are struggling with fear of the future and worry about raising children in today’s culture, but God says loud and clear, “Do not be afraid! Be strong and courageous!” Mom, you have a mission: to raise the next generation of teachers, doctors, judges, police officers, grocery store clerks, attorneys, nurses, and parents. Yes! You are raising the next generation of parents. It doesn’t take very long for one generation to hand the baton to the next, and, as mothers, we’ve got to be ready to prepare our children for whatever they may face as followers of Jesus Christ. Heidi will challenge as she talks about what it will take to “Become MomStrong”, drawing on truths from God’s Word to answer the tough questions this generation of kids is asking and prepare moms to meet the challenges head-on.

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How Do You Teach Them Diligently? Tips for Discipleship-Focused Parenting

Most of us want to parent our children in such a way as to point them to Jesus, but do we really understand what that looks like? Join Leslie Nunnery as she gives Biblical insight into just what Discipleship-focused parenting actually looks like by examining the principles taught in scripture and giving personal examples of how that plays out in our modern world.

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Teach From Love

It’s appropriate that this conference is titled Teach Them Diligently. Isn’t that what home educators strive to do? But how do you train up a child in the way he should go? (Prov. 22:6) Sam Sorbo is a veteran of home education who offers inspiration and empowerment to parents, to encourage them in their schooling and parenting endeavors. She’s the author of They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspiration Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, and Teach from Love: A School Year Devotional for Families. Sam wants to share her secrets to imparting godly characteristics into our young ones, and how discipline and encouragement go hand-in-hand to raising good Christians. Whose autograph do you want on your child’s heart? Sam will share her ideas for the best way to get that done, diligently!

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The Surprising Benefits of Building A Time Inventory

One of the questions that so many people ask me is “how can I possibly get everything done in a day?” When you take a birds-eye view of educating your children while still keeping them fed, clean, and nurtured– and STILL managing your home and being a wife, it can get overwhelming. This week, let’s look at time and try to find ways to use it better, so we can always have it available for what is truly important in our day.

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Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever

Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever by speaker Esther Wilkison Are you ready to influence lasting transformation in your child? Discover these organizational strategies that will help you make this your most organized homeschool year ever! Listen Now

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You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup – Making A Plan to Nurture Your Heart

Discouraged, depleted, and running on empty? Nurturing your heart is the key to finding joy as well as succeeding in teaching your children. Come learn how to fill your heart through spiritual growth and fellowship with other homeschool moms so you can pour love into your children every day.

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