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The Importance of Heart Schooling | 184

We talk a lot about Heart Schooling—or discipleship-focused homeschooling. So, this week, David and I are going to look specifically at what Heart Schooling really entails and give you some ideas to start putting some of these concepts into action right now.

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Why Should Dad Be Involved In Homeschooling?

I told you last week that when David and I did my time inventory, he got a much clearer view of what I do each day—and a much greater appreciation for homeschooling. He was already a spectacular homeschool dad, but he has learned quite a bit himself through the years, and I talked him into sharing his heart with your today. Feel free to grab your husband and join us for this week’s discussion.

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The Socialization Deception; Redefining the Debate

Editor of Homeschool Enrichment Magazine, Jonathan Lewis addresses the lie of socialization. How do we change the debate of socialization? This wonderful session debunks the many lies that are believed surrounding homeschool. Listen Now

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How to Lead Your Homeschool Family with Vision

From the resource, Equipping Men, Norm Wakefield speaks to men about their identity of leading their families to Jesus. Fathers and Husbands have an irreplaceable role to lead their families and be the head of the family in which to lead. Listen Now

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I Believe in Homeschooling

Most parents place a high value on the education they can give to their children. It prepares them for life and gives them hope for a happy future. In the old days, the three R’s of schooling included reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithematic. Is homeschooling succeeding because it is reclaiming the tried and true educational philosophy or is something else going on? In this workshop, Davis presents a compelling case for you to believe in the power of homeschooling and six new R’s to back it up.

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