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Making Writing Fun in Your Homeschool | 244

Learn strategies to make writing fun and engaging for homeschooling families in this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Join host Leslie Nunnery and Christine Zell, the creator of Rabbit Trails Homeschool, as they discuss building confidence in young writers, fostering creativity, and the role of literature in teaching writing. Discover practical tips to help your children overcome writing challenges and develop their writing skills.

Don’t miss this episode to gain valuable insights into nurturing young writers and making the writing process enjoyable. Explore how to tailor writing assignments to individual interests and needs while removing the fear of writing. Connect with Christine Zell and access her writing resources to support your homeschooling journey.

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Choosing Curriculum for Your Family

Choosing homeschool curriculum for your family can be overwhelming. In this session, you’ll receive tips for choosing programs that work for your family, ways to save money (and time), and what to do when a program isn’t working out.

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Diving into Memoria Press in the Older Grades: You’re never behind!

It is never too late to begin a classical education! If you are just starting your Memoria Press journey with a middle- or high-school student, this is where you need to be! Your student can absolutely gain the beauty of a classical education while earning the necessary credits to graduate from high school – and it need not be a struggle.

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5 Things You May Not Know You Need to Know Before Choosing Curriculum

What goes through your mind when you step into an exhibit hall full of hundreds of curriculum choices? Maybe a bit of doubt and more than a few questions? It can be overwhelming, for sure. Have no fear! Veteran homeschool mom, Rachael Carman, has been there and she has the 5 Things You Need to Know (That You May Not Know You Need to Know) When Choosing Curriculum. Be inspired to choose with confidence as Rachael imparts her wisdom, earned over her more than 20 years as a homeschooling mom.

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Using Lapbooks with Top Curriculms

Owner of a Journey through Learning, Nancy Fileccia, shares how to execute lapbooks with some of the top Christian curriculum. Why do a lapbook when you are already doing the curriculum? Lapbooks help greatly with tactile learners to encourage a deeper understanding of materials. Listen Now

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Christian Homeschooling

Homeworks by Precepts helps to encourage parents in the choosing of the homeschool curriculum. Understanding your childrens needs will help in knowing what is the best homeschool path to follow. Listen Now

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Finding a Curriculum That Works for Your Family (and What to Do When One Doesn’t)

Based on the life of Ehud the Benjamite, Mark will unveil the unique strategy that God and his parents used to prepare him to become a skilled and strategic warrior, confident leader, and a skillful entrepreneur. In this seminar we will look at the assessment of a child’s natural abilities and the instructive insights that are necessary to cultivate in each child, and teen, a passionate pursuit of excellence in every area of life. This session promises to be an eye opener for all ages???in more ways than you expect; but in a way you will never forget!

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