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Creating Family Systems- Real Moms 365 with Melissa Romero

We all deal with a lot of Chaos. Homeschooling adds clutter, having children home all day creates dishes and food prep. Laundry cleaning. Between all the extras, ballet, piano, 4-h, sports, drama, coops. Our lives can be so full. Is peace even possible?  Melissa will share the reason why we should aim to find peace […]

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Homeschooling on Empty

Are you feeling like you’re being pulled in every direction? Let’s look over some biblical principles for relationships and practical tips for home management, grocery shopping and meal prep, organization, and homeschooling.

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Managing School and Home

When the entire family is home all day, it can be difficult to find a balance between the housework and school time. Meals need to be cooked, laundry needs to be done, and life fills in all the cracks. You’ll walk away from this sessions with tips, helps, and ways to balance it all – without losing your sanity in the process.

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Managing the Multitudes: Encouragement for Moms (and Dads) of Many Children

Mother to 12 children, Charlotte offers encouragement and practical how-to’s the Ellard family has incorporated in their family life. From time savers to budget savers to teaching multiple ages simultaneously, our frame of mind (and heart) is the most important part of parenting.

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Attention CHILL OUT

Speaker: Rachael Carman Veteran 22 years of homeschooling mom, Rachel, encourages mom to stay the course and finish strong! You do not have to give up from burn out! Learn how to not do it all and not buy into the lies that you cannot do this homeschool life! Tears should not accompany your phonics […]

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Simple Homeschool: The Remedy to Clutter and Chaos

Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you the next best system to organize your life and homeschool. But what if it wasn’t about the system, but the heart? You have everything you need to start now. Karen will share what she believes is the remedy to clutter and chaos in homeschool and in life – Jesus.

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Controlled Chaos ‘A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Parent’: Practical essential oil uses/tips for everyday living.

It’s important to take care of yourself with the gifts God has given us so that you can be at your best potential as a homeschooling parent and better serve your family and others.

Controlled Chaos ‘A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Parent’: Practical essential oil uses/tips for everyday living.

Come to learn how to incorporate essential oils and other natural wellness products in your daily life to help with:

-fussy babies

-upset toddlers

-moody teens

-stress relief

-decreased anxiousness

-better sleep

-increased focus

-increased energy

-seasonal allergy relief

-enhancing foods


-immune support

-non-toxic cleaning

….and more!!!

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Organizing Your Home – Creating a Lifestyle Learning Environment

Vicki will help you decide what is important to your family, where you need to begin, and will discuss organizational challenges unique to homeschoolers. Vicki Bentley, fellow busy homeschool mom, shares practical ideas that have helped her manage her household of ten.

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The Surprising Benefits of Building A Time Inventory

One of the questions that so many people ask me is “how can I possibly get everything done in a day?” When you take a birds-eye view of educating your children while still keeping them fed, clean, and nurtured– and STILL managing your home and being a wife, it can get overwhelming. This week, let’s look at time and try to find ways to use it better, so we can always have it available for what is truly important in our day.

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Simplifying Homeschool: Have Less Fluff and Bear More Fruit

I can’t work with all this clutter! Where did I put the math lessons? My supplies? Why are our school days never smooth like everyone else’s? Chicken nuggets for dinner AGAIN? Sound familiar? In this workshop Karen will help you get a handle on your homeschool, by simplifying. Learn to get rid of clutter that can physically and mentally disrupt your homeschool; most importantly, get rid of anything that distracts us from putting God first in your homeschool.

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