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Home Business Education 101

Building a home business is a very viable option for entrepreneurial homeschoolers to impact their world with their leadership skills and further the Kingdom of God. In this delightful session, you will learn how to encourage your students to use their talents and gifts to serve others as they work to build financial freedom.

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How To Build A Homebased Business on the Cheap

The session will give tools and tips for launching a home based business that works well with homeschool life. Hear wonderful testimonies of how this life style can build your income as well as being more present with your family. Listen Now

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5 Home Business Projects that Teach Financial Literacy and Create Income

The best way to learn business is by doing it and failing fast in the security of a forgiving environment. In this insightful session taught by award-winning Internet business owner and veteran homeschool mom of 7, Rhea Perry, you will learn the fundamentals of five proven home businesses your family can start part-time. You’ll also get a glimpse of how to educate your children to think like Godly business owners. If you’d like feedback on your business idea, get there early!

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How Do You Do It All? Balancing Family Life and Home Business in the Real World

Home business blends well with homeschooling, but it can also create frustration, exhaustion, and chaos. You may be paralyzed by an overwhelming to-do list and become trapped in a crisis-management approach to life. As a single homeschooling mom with four sons and a home business, Mary Jo Tate knows just how hard the challenges can be! She shares encouragement and powerful strategies to help you move past the juggling act and find balance so you, your family, and your business can flourish.

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