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TTD365 Career Night 2023

We hosted the first ever TTD 365 CAREER NIGHT!  We met the career night contributors and learned about each career field they are in. Each professional gave a short 3-5 minute talk regarding the basics of their job, training, income, etc. We had the following careers represented:Aviation Maintenance, John Knight Software Developer, Jake Romero, Mighagan CPA, Lindsey Portugal, […]

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Teaching History the Way It Happened— In Order!

A well-ordered approach to history and literature allows students to follow history as it happened: In order, from ancient times through the present. A classical approach produces a well-rounded student who knows the stories from all of history— whether ancient or modern, Biblical or secular— that every educated person should know.

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Lights, Camera, Action

“So, what does it take to make a film? If it turns out to be pretty good, what’s the best way to get others to see it? Do I have to get a filmmaking degree in order to make great movies? And one more thing–how much does it cost to make a film?” We are so glad you asked. Come find answers to the most popular filmmaking questions. Get into the mind of a film producer and discover the secrets behind successful movies. Turn on the LIGHTS, grab your CAMERA, and get ready to TAKE ACTION! 

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Teaching Your Children How To Love

We all know we are supposed to love, but actually knowing how to love and how to avoid the hindrances to loving with God’s kind of love is the real need. In this session, Norm will give very practical insights into how to live to love. These insights will not only be life-changing for you in your marriage relationship but also equip you to teach your children how to love God, you, and others.

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