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Struggling Learners in High School and College

Speaker: Hal and Melanie Young At eleven, one of our boys was just learning to read and at fourteen he still struggled to spell three letter words. Little did we know that he’d be reading ancient philosophers for fun at seventeen and that he’d go to college on a full academic scholarship! In this workshop, […]

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The Perils of Parenting Gen Z

Speaker: Hal & Melanie Young What’s going on with our kids’ generation when 75% despair about the future, 42% are dealing with mental health issues, and a shocking number are struggling with sexuality and gender? Our grandparents formed The Greatest Generation, but they call our children’s The Most Fearful. Generation Z, now 10 to 25 […]

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Parenting Teens Into Adulthood

Speaker: Hal & Melanie Young The transition to adulthood can be wonderful or it can be fraught with conflict and tension. How can you prepare your teens to step into adulthood with confidence, competence, and joy instead of anger, rebellion, and resentment? How should you relate to a nineteen-year-old who is still living at home […]

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No Longer Little

Speaker: Hal & Melanie Young The turmoil of the tween or preteen years between 9 and 13 usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet natured children climb on an emotional roller coaster – and invite you to join them! Don’t […]

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