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Avoiding Hypocrisy in Parenting

Speaker: Scott LaPierre We desire the best for our children. We want them to embrace the Gospel and follow the Lord at the earliest possible time in their lives. Our children face so many threats today. Could one of those threats be from their own parents? As Christian parents what can we do to avoid […]

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Changed Lives

Every year, through the Operation Christmas Child project of Samaritan’s Purse, churches and individuals pack

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Gospel Truths That Homeschoolers Forget

We believe in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. So why do so many of our homeschools not reflect that gospel? Why having started in the Spirit, are we now homeschooling in the flesh? Come be reminded of the gospel truths we forget. You will leave encouraged!

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Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Did you now that many newspapers in the 18th and 19th century were Christian newspapers, with writers and editors that sought to promote a Christian worldview? Obviously, much has changed. With solid historical research, this presentation illuminates the Christian roots of American journalism, and how it became prodigal, turning its back on those Christian roots. But it ends on a hopeful note. Just as the prodigal son in Scripture eventually returned to his father’s house, we will close by discussing how new technologies are creating new opportunities for Christians to return American journalism and media in general to its Christian roots.

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10 Ideas for Teaching with God’s Heart for the World

Hudson Taylor said, “The Great Commission is not an option to consider; it is a command to obey.” For Christian homeschooling families, world missions is not an optional elective to study. Instead, it is a foundational worldview for training our children for God. In this session, you’ll learn many practical ways to incorporate God’s love for the lost and for the nations into your educational methods, homeschooling subjects, and family life. As Ann explains, “Missions is not just for missionaries; God’s call is for all.”

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