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When Faith Is Forbidden| 190

Literature and good stories offer homeschool parents incredible tools to help capture our children’s hearts and give them a better understanding of biblical truths. Many great conversations have started after reading time, and many doors for discipleship have opened as we use the stories as jumping-off points for sharing our experiences and lessons learned.

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Estrangement: Cause, Pain, and Resolution

Speaker: Dr. Deanna Cooner Estrangement is a growing problem for families, even Christians. This session will address the causes and possible prevention. The pain of an estrangement is a deep wound that will not heal and it has an emotional impact on all of one’s life. Can there be resolution even if there is no […]

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5 Steps To Becoming A Family On Mission

It’s always important before we launch into any new goal to lay a foundation for success. As we are talking about becoming families on mission this year, let’s start by looking at some underlying, personal work we all need to be doing to set the stage for having the best year ever. I think you […]

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