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Rethink Your Influence– An Interview WIth Lisa Schmidt

God’s Word commands us to be involved in the lives of those He puts in our paths. He talks very clearly about the older women investing in and mentoring the younger women. This week, let’s look together at these Titus 2 relationships and talk very practically about how they start and why they’re so important […]

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Rethink Your Coordination– An Interview with Steve Blackston

Thank the Lord, most of us don’t go at this “homeschool thing” alone. We have others that are locking arms with us to support and encourage us in our journey. This week, we will be talking with Steve Blackston specifically about our coordination with our spouse. How can we as a couple most effectively work […]

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Woman to Woman- The Mentoring Model

Tailor your student’s high school to fit individual goals! This workshop is perfect for new homeschool parents as well as experienced homeschool families arriving at the high school years.

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