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The First Three Years: A Workshop for Homeschool Rookies

If homeschooling up until now feels more like drudgery than delight or if the thought of homeschooling makes your knees shake and your palms sweat, this is the workshop for you! Perhaps you’ve been hearing from “experts” that view homeschooling as just another form of education, like any other. Public schools think that way, but homeschooling is nothing like the school system. It’s just the opposite. Learning at home is an adventure, a journey, a new lifestyle. Although you’re nervous now, it’ll all be okay. Homeschooling is worth it. So sit back and relax. You’ll soon discover that homeschooling is a journey like no other.

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You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup – Making A Plan to Nurture Your Heart

Discouraged, depleted, and running on empty? Nurturing your heart is the key to finding joy as well as succeeding in teaching your children. Come learn how to fill your heart through spiritual growth and fellowship with other homeschool moms so you can pour love into your children every day.

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Joy Does Come In the Morning

Nancy Fileccia shares her personal story of the loss of her 13 year old daughter. She will help you find the joy that God intends for all of us, but we may not always be able to see it.

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