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Going With God’s Flow: The Key to Effective Family Leadership

Few men want to create disorder and destruction in their families, However, when a man gets out of the flow of God’s Word, that’s exactly what happens. You’ll learn how God’s running the universe and how to get in the flow of God’s power and authority.

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The Watchman

Watchmen are discussed throughout the Bible and used in great ways. They had to remain awake and alert for approaching enemies and warn of impending attack and give those who dwelt outside the walls an opportunity to seek protection and time to secure the gates and man the defenses. The dad is the watchman of his household, the one who should be on guard. We will discuss the ways that you as a watchman should be the provider, protector, shepherd, and the counselor of your house.

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Family Discipleship starts here

Family discipleship sometimes strikes fear into our souls- how do we start? Can I do it well? What does it mean to disciple our family? Family discipleship means helping parents develop a stronger relationship with God that will in turn teach their children. Listen Now

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Family Leadership for the Next Generation

Jon and Ann Dunagan with Harvest Ministries shares what family leadership looks like. Teenage boys will grow up to be leaders of homes and ministries. We are not just teaching children, we are raising the next generation to love God and lead the way in ministry. Listen Now

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